Jenna Bush Hager

I read because it’s in my DNA. At birth, I inherited the love of reading from my parents. Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent in their arms, listening to a good book, my mind traveling to new places in this world and beyond.

My mom says that as a child, I had such an active imagination that I created fantastical scenes with my Barbie Dolls. She read that Toni Morrison did the same and thought excitedly: okay, Jenna will be a writer.

And it is because of great writers like Toni Morrison that I wanted to write. And great teachers like my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Cutingham, who told me my writing showed promise; and in order to be a good writer I needed to read, read, read. And so now when I am lost in a great book, I thank my parents, Toni Morrison, and of course Mrs. Cutingham.

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